Asylum and migration, Pact on migration and asylum, Temporary protection for Ukrainian refugees.

Council of the EU
Justice and Home Affairs Council (Home Affairs)
28 September 2023

Asylum and migration: external dimension Against the backdrop of high numbers of irregular arrivals of migrants and asylum seekers across the entire EU, the Council discussed ways to build a close and permanent collaboration with key migratory transit and origin countries. Ministers supported the need to strengthen the external dimension of EU migration policy in order to face the migratory challenges the EU shares with other continents and countries. They emphasised that a coordinated combination of development assistance to fight against the root causes of migration, the fight against migrant smuggling, the development of more legal pathways as an alternative to illegal migration and a sustainable readmission and return policy would be essential to prevent irregular migration. The discussion evolved around developing a preventive model which, based on solid funding, would hinder irregular departures. It would be rooted in cooperation with countries of origin and transit and...
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