Press statement by President von der Leyen with Tunisian President Saied, Dutch Prime Minister Rutte and Italian Prime Minister Meloni.

European Commission
Tunis, 16 July 2023

Good evening, Team Europe is back in Tunis. I am glad to be here with Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni and Prime Minister Mark Rutte. We were here together on 11 June, to offer a new partnership with Tunisia. And today, just over a month later, we deliver. Earlier, we witnessed the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding on a strategic and comprehensive partnership. Our teams have worked very hard – and I want to thank them – to deliver rapidly on a strong package. This is an investment in our shared prosperity, stability and in future generations. The reasons for it are compelling. Tunisia and the European Union are bound by a shared history and geography, and we share strategic interests. In times of geopolitical uncertainties, it is important to deepen cooperation with our strategic partners. So we agreed with Tunisia on a comprehensive package of measures that we will now put into practice swiftly. As you know, it is built on five pillars. The first one is about...
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