Only victory in Africa can end the pandemic everywhere - World leaders call for an urgent debt moratorium and unprecedented health and economic aid packages.

European Council
Press release
15 April 2020

The outbreak and rapid spread of Covid-19 have stretched global public health systems beyond their limits and caused widespread economic, social and humanitarian damage. This virus knows no borders. Tackling it therefore requires strong international leadership, guided by a sense of shared responsibility and solidarity. In fact, only a global victory that fully includes Africa can bring this pandemic to an end. We can win this battle, but to do so we must act now, making the best use of available time and resources. Otherwise the pandemic will hit Africa particularly hard, prolonging the crisis globally. For Africa’s part, governments, medics, scientists and local communities have valuable experience in containing outbreaks. The African Union is ready to support the co-ordinated continental response. Most countries have already taken forceful action to slow the spread of the virus; they are ready to do more. We also welcome the AU’s appointment of four special envoys to mobilise...
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