Dubai: International trade fairs for the promotion of Italian exports.

Edoardo Bonatti
12 marzo 2018


Major trade fairs are a vital component in the “Made in Italy” promotion strategy. The season of international fairs is beginning, and one of the most promising markets for Italian exports is undoubtedly the Middle East and the Gulf countries. When looking at the Middle East market in the past years, the leading city in the region, both as a financial hub and as a privileged gateway for western trade, has been Dubai.

For Italy, the United Arab Emirates are an increasingly important partner. In the first seven months of the year, Italian exports to the UAE grew by 4.8% to over 3.22 billion euros, compared to 3.07 billion in 2016. The trade balance is clearly in favour of Italy, reaching 2.7 billion euros, thanks to a 9% growth in the last year. Emirates consumers appreciate many Italian goods, but those belonging to the furniture and interior design sectors are particularly valued. These sectors are inextricably linked to the construction one, which is experiencing a strong recovery after the 2008 crisis reduced the number of new building commissions.

The Emirates market is oriented towards luxury and focuses on products with a modern style, but at the same time, it recognizes the unique quality of “Made in Italy”. Among the many trade fairs that the UAE offer is the INDEX 2018 fair which will be held from 26 to 29 March in the city. Dubai is an exceptionally dynamic trade fair centre and in the coming months will host the most diverse ones, with themes such as the arts, new technologies, the real estate and the restaurant and food sectors. These events will represent an unmissable opportunity for Italian companies to make themselves known, as Made in Italy products are particularly renowned in these fields.

The Index 2018 is celebrating its twenty-eighth edition and for the second time in its history will propose a well-defined theme. This year at the centre of the event will be the theme of self-expression, and the role of design will be celebrated as a direct reflection of individuality. More than 1000 exhibitors, coming from 60 different countries, will present the customers their proposal, designed to make every object an expression of its buyer’s personality.

Participating in events of this kind is a sign of a novel approach to foreign market: it means not fearing to engage with important emerging markets such as the Middle East, which require constant innovation. InvestorVisa is proud to present in its catalogue Living Light, a company capable of facing the challenges of the global market by combining a vision of the future with the taste, technical capacity and quality of classic “Made in Italy”.