Pakistan delegation to discuss new investment opportunities in Italy.

Edoardo Bonatti
19 gennaio 2018


On Saturday a high-level delegation of Pakistan Furniture Council (PFC) left Frankfurt, after attending the international trade fair Heimtextil 2018, to promote mutual trade and collaboration between Pakistani and Italian business communities.

Headed by chief Mian Muhammad Kashif Ashfaq, the delegation had meetings at Associazione Italiana di Ingegneria Economica (AICE) in Milan and with Cassa Padana Brescia. As the two countries entertain very strong relationship in a variety of fields, Mian Kashif said that this was the opportunity to strengthen them further by exploring new avenues of cooperation in trade and commerce. Italy is the fourth largest investor in Pakistan, following China, UAE, and Hong Kong, with a total investment amounting to 100 million dollars along with bilateral trade worth 1 billion euros.

In fact, Italy is considered a privileged partner for economic and commercial relations. It is the third largest trading partner in the EU, after UK and Germany, and the tenth overall. According to data from the Pakistani statistical office, Italy is currently ranked ninth as a country importing Pakistani products (563 million dollars in April 2015) and the seventeenth for exports to Pakistan (356 million dollars at the same date). Given this strong base on which to build, Pakistani business community finds Italy a very attractive market for investment when taking into account its sophisticated market, its favorable geographical position and friendliness to foreign companies.

Mian Kashif also added that he believed Pakistan had a lot of potentials to promote itself among Italian business community while in turn, Italy could offer excellent business opportunities for Pakistani investors. This would enable a more intense exchange of new technologies, which would help express Pakistani untapped industrial potential also thanks to the beginning of new joint ventures between Italian companies and local entrepreneurs.

If Pakistani businessmen aspire to enter the Italian market they can do so by taking advantage of the new visa for foreign investors. can help them get in touch with Italian companies which are looking for funds and help them with every step of the visa and residence permit application procedures.

Source: Business Recorder and Profit – Pakistan Today