6 billion euro! Italian wine exports reach new heights.

Edoardo Bonatti
8 gennaio 2018


As reported from Coldiretti on 3 January, Italian wine exports reached their historic record in 2017 of 6 billion euros (7.2 billion U.S. dollars) registering an increase of 7% on the precedent year.

The first item of the agriculture and food exports saw an increase in volume and value despite a meager and precocious harvest which will determine a loss in production. Nonetheless, showing how strong its wine industry is, Italy is still the global leader in the sector, maintaining its primacy over France, and bottling 40 million hectolitres of wine last year. Italian wine excellences (DOC, DOCG, IGT) amount to 70% of the total quantity.

Italian wines are more popular than ever in Russia. The country recorded the biggest jump in imports (47%) as it is one of the products not affected by the embargo against Moscow. In this ranking, China places second, as it imported 25% more wines comparing to 2016. Italy’s biggest market is still the United States (6% increase), followed by Germany (+3%) and the United Kingdom (+8%, despite Brexit negotiations). The national market is also growing: private consumption of Italian quality wines also registered a new high.

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Source: Coldiretti