New Italy and India joint project: Minerva education hub now open in Mumbai.

Edoardo Bonatti
5 giugno 2019


The Minerva hub will bring Italian top universities and vocational training institutes directly to India. This initiative promoted and managed by the Indo-Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, with the Patronage of the Embassy of Italy in New Delhi will provide international education standards to Indian students and boost overall academic relations between the two countries.

The project was included in the final declarations of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte at the end of the India-Italy bilateral summit held in Delhi on 31 October 2018. Mumbai will host, in a luxurious and futuristic skyscraper, a wide range of training programs: workshops, seminars, and even long-term training course will take place in the many different sized classrooms available. The Minerva project mission is to enable Italian Universities and schools in vocational training to open a gate in the Indian education market, supporting Indian students in further their education and thus creating job opportunities. Above all, Italian SMEs will be able to meet potential Indian partners thanks to a unique opportunity to present their know-how and technologies directly to them.

Offering such a chance to means tapping into the unexplored potential of about 350 million Indian students, which usually prefer completing their education in their home country rather than abroad. The Costume and Fashion Academy, Humanitas University, OF – The International Institute of Cooking for Foreigners, IULM University, Milan Fashion Institute and Pisa Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies already adhered to the Minerva project. It should be noted that the initiative was underway since October and the opening of the physical hub is just the last piece in the puzzle: the long string of events held all around India in the last months allowed the Indian and the Italian counterparts to dip their toes in the respective markets. mission is to establish economic ties between Italian business and foreign entrepreneurs by offering investment opportunities in Italian start-ups and companies to non-EU citizens. After their investment, they will be able to apply for an Italian investor visa.