How migration has been reported during the Maltese Presidency: a local perspective or a European one?

Gabriele Messina

Abstract The aim of this paper is to analyze how migration has been regarded during the Maltese Presidency of the Council of the European Union by three English online newspapers: The Times of Malta, The Malta Independent and Malta Today. Which perspective has been adopted in telling the story: a european perspective or a local one? After having clarified the role and tasks of the presidency, few words have been spent on maltese programme and priorities during the 6-month mandate. A short paragraph is entirely focused on the research design used and in what way all of the information gathered were analyzed. Co-occurrence is the method of analysis we resorted for its statistical scientific evidence. An interesting dividing line comes out from the interpretation of results. On the one hand, who told the story from a EU perspective, on the other who regarded migration from a local point of view. 1. Presidency at a glance Today EU faces unprecedented challenges and responding to these...
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