3135th Council meeting Justice and Home Affairs

Brussels, 13-14 December 2011

- Parti estratte -

Main results of the Council The Council decided on the signing of the EU-US PNR agreement which took place on 14 December 2011 following the Council meeting. The European Parliament will now be requested to give its consent to the agreement. The Council also adopted a general approach concerning three legislative dossiers: – revised rules governing the EU's visa- free regime; – a directive establishing minimum standards on the rights, support and protection of victims of crime; and – a European investigation order on criminal matters. This allows the presidency to start negotiations with the European Parliament on all three issues. On Schengen related issues, ministers reverted to the question of Schengen accession of Bulgaria and Romania, however, a decision on the two countries accession coul, not be taken. The Council also discussed proposed amendments to two regulations for a more effective governance of the Schengen area: one concerns the establishment of an...
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