Divorce and legal separation.

Council of the European Union
Brussels, 3 December 2010

A Hungarian couple living in Rome or a French-German couple living in Madrid - international couples will soon be able to follow clear rules on how to seek divorce or legal separation in 14 EU member states (1). That is the result of a regulation on which the Council agreed today (17045/10). The new rules will apply to all participating member states as of mid-2012. Other EU member states which are not yet ready but wish to join this pioneer group at a later stage will be able to do so. The agreement also constitutes the implementation of the first enhanced cooperation in the history of the EU (2). For its adoption two more procedural steps are necessary: The European Parliament is expected to adopt an opinion on the file in its December plenary session. The Council will then adopt the new rules without discussion, most likely at the Environment Council on 20 December 2010. The new rules provide for a comprehensive legal framework in matrimonial matters ensuring legal certainty and...
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