EU provides €26 million in humanitarian aid to support refugees and people affected by the earthquakes in Türkiye.

European Commission
Press Release
2 February 2024

Today, the Commission is announcing €26 million in humanitarian aid to support vulnerable refugees and their host communities in Türkiye. The southeastern region in Türkiye near the Syria border hosts a large number of the country's refugee population. The same region witnessed one of the worst earthquakes in Türkiye's modern history, resulting in thousands of deaths, extensive destruction of infrastructure and housing, worsening the situation for many of the already vulnerable refugees. This new funding will address the most critical humanitarian needs stemming from the aftermath of the earthquakes and the regional refugee crisis. Out of the €26 million, €4 million is earmarked for education in emergencies. The new funding will also provide protection services to vulnerable communities, like asylum seekers, and people affected by the earthquakes. On top of this, the EU will continue helping refugees with assistance for basic needs such as water, sanitation, hygiene, and...
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