The Commission announces initial humanitarian aid of €1.8 billion for 2024.

European Commission
Press Release
Brussels, 12 February 2024

With almost 300 million people estimated to need humanitarian assistance in 2024, the EU once again reinforces its commitment to support the most vulnerable globally. The Commission has therefore adopted its initial annual humanitarian budget of more than €1.8 billion for this year. The European Commission's humanitarian aid in 2024 will be allocated as follows: Almost €200 million will address the consequences of forced displacements, food insecurity, acute and chronic malnutrition, natural hazards and recurrent epidemics in the Sahel (Burkina Faso, Mali, Mauritania, and Niger), the Central African Republic and the Lake Chad basin (Chad, Cameroon and Nigeria), which are fuelled by conflict, insecurity and climate change. Around €346 million will support those in East and Southern Africa affected by long-term conflict in the Great Lakes Region and those displaced by extreme weather events and armed conflicts in Sudan, South Sudan, Uganda, Madagascar, Mozambique and the...
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